We regularly publish sector reports, updates and other resources in the Enterprise Technology and Services market.

These publications provide industry trends, analysis and emerging opportunities in a variety of areas.

  • Cyber Security

    The report gives an overview of the global cyber security industry, key drivers of growth.

  • UIUX and Digital Transformation

    The report attempts to assess the market for e-commerce technology, back-office operations and digital marketing technology services segments. Further, it shares the potential of outsourcing these to Indian market.

  • Hyper Growth of AWS Ecosystem

    This report offers insights into AWS - its offerings, benefits (compared to traditional on-premise infrastructure), partner ecosystem and deal activity.

  • AI RPA Primer Report Cover

    This report offers basic understanding of AI and RPA along with overview on market trends, financial trends, opportunities and key players.

  • UI/UX Report

    A study on creating better and consistent customer experiences using User Interface and User Experience design to lead the digital divide.

  • Cloud Services and Key Players

    The report provides basic understanding of the cloud computing technology followed by an overview of the cloud services market and it’s top players.

  • Analytics Industry

    A global outlook on the increasing significance of analytics as part of the IT-BPM Industry.

  • Healthcare

    A global perspective on the players and growth drivers of the healthcare industry supported by Information Technology services.

  • Outsourced Product Development

    An overview on the Outsourced Product Development Industry and how it’s one of the largest and fastest growing Engineering R&D spender.